Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pokémon Go Players Warned about Bigfoot Danger!

Is that a Bigfoot on your smartphone camera? It's not a Pokémon Go creature! It's Real..... RUN AWAY!

The YETI not SETI Institute, as a public service and a blatant attempt to gain financial contributors among Millenial Mobs playing this idiotic, er inspiring real virtual reality game, wants to warn Pokémon Go players about the risk of Bigfoot sightings.

"When you see a Bigfoot on your Pokémon Go screen, don't try to capture it. These beasts will not take kindly to your attempts to grab them. Instead, these mangy Sasquatches might just decide to grab you!", said Erk Holohed, a dodgy member of the YETI not SETI bored of directors. "If you spot a Sasquatch on your smartphone, stop, drop, roll, turn, get up, and run for it! You get zero points for a Bigfoot."
This foul creature won't be found in Pokémon Go!
Ricard Schiester esq., shady lawyer by trade and yet another unpaid member of the bored of directors, had this warning; "Read the fine print on your user agreement with Pokémon Go. At no point are you protected against injuries suffered due to attempts to capture Sasquatches, Loch Ness Monsters, Evil Masterminds, Invading Space Aliens, and Fuller Brush Salesmen. You're on your own!"

Karl Blinng, Director of the Institute and on parole, was unavailable for comment. "He's out of the crypto-zoololgy lab today, playing Pokémon Go", said his underpaid PR agent. "He gets really excited when he spots a Sleeping Bulbasaur."

Video: The dangers of Bigfoot and Pokémon Go:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

International Bigfoot Conference 2016

International Bigfoot Conference 2016

When: September 2,3,4 2016 in Kennewick, Washington

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Why is the prestigious YETI NOT SETI Institute promoting this Sasquatch conference? The conference is just like the other ones we've not been invited to attend or present. Our many Institute proposals to present really important gigantopithecus revoltus research papers at such events have been repeatedly rejected for dumb reasons like 'having no scientific merit', 'dubious research' and other ridiculous excuses. The fools!

OK, we're jealous! We tried a Bigfoot conference once in fabulous Yuba City, but only our board of directors showed up, and that was because free beer & pizza were served. We're desperate to attend any Sasquatch conference where there is free food. Perhaps this attempt to curry favor by promoting their conference will finally work. We heard someone may buy free drinks there, so we're really interested in attending.