Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evidence of DNA Admixtures in Human and Sasquatch Populations.

Do Sasquatch and Human Share a Common Gene Pool?

Stunning scientific evidence points to the strong possibility that humans and sasquatches interbred and intermingled genetic material in ancient times, possibly as long ago as the last ice age.

Such a murky common ancestry for homo sapiens and gigantopithicus revoltus is not out of the question. It is well documented that human populations in Eurasia interbred with homo neanderthalensis (neanderthals) thousands of years ago, giving mankind such singular traits as ginger hair, enhanced resistance to disgusting toenail diseases, and the ability to laugh at crude juvenile jokes.

Human Sasquatch Hybrid:
Nature Gone Badly Wrong.
It is suspected that interbreeding with bigfoot populations in Eurasia had a similar impact on the evolution of human populations in the area. For example, excessively hairy backs are an strong indicator for sasquatch ancestors. The exceedingly rare and ambidextrously amazing capability to pick one's nose with either the left or the right hand is another clear marker of potential bigfoot DNA lurking in the gene pool.

So if your cousin, friend or neighbor reminds you of a big, fat, obnoxious sasquatch, you may have good reason to think they actually carry some bigfoot DNA.