Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ancient Nordic Runes Describe BigFoot Encounter

Discovery of ancient Runic Stone in Danish Pastry Museum Reveals Early European Contact with Sasquatch?

Two interns from the prestigious YETI NOT SETI Institute, on unpaid internships in danety Denmark, have discovered an really rare Rune from around 1,000 AD which clearly establishes knowledge of the smelly North American ape-beast by Viking-era Northern Europeans... admittedly uncivilized, nasty, nordic, and dangerous, the Sasquatch encounter was made by unpleasant marauding Europeans, but Europeans never the less.
Expert translation of the Runic Stone indicates the word "Bigfoot". The meaning of the
associated ornamental lines are traditionally associated with unpleasant
people and odors during the Nordic Middle Ages.
The newly discovered Rune has sparked animated chatter amongst Crypopaleotologists across the world. Now safely displayed in an acrylic box at a Danish pastry museum after an attempt was made to pinch the priceless Rune and smuggle it out of Denmark, the Danish government has declared the Bigfoot Rune a national treasure. "It was an accident, yeah, that's it, an accident! I forgot I had it in my pocket! Yeah.", claimed the intern involved.

Another mysterious Sasquatch Rune, found in New Foundland by lost tourists in 1968,
is authentic according to members of the Newfy Screech Bigfoot Society in St. Johns.
Can this be the missing link to the missing link?
The evidence is compelling. Vikings made it to Greenland from Iceland, then to New Foundland, where they encountered unfriendly natives, no doubt motivated by the usual Viking behaviors which made them so welcome throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. In addition, Vikings encountered what can only be described as a Sasquatch... the Runes are consistent with modern day, nauseous, nasty, descriptions of Bigfoot. "This early Bigfoot encounter by European explorers in 1,000 AD may explain why people in Europe waited another 500 years before trying to go to America again." explained Dr. Narreson from Copenhagen University of Cryptotology. "I mean, if you knew there were savage Sasquatches lurking in the forests of North America, wouldn't you rather just pillage another North Sea English town again?"