Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bigfoot: They Walk Among Us!

Your Neighbor or local CEO is a BIGFOOT?

The YETI not SETI Institute's work is not only important from a pseudo-scientific perspective, but from a vital national insecurity angle too... anything to make a buck!

Dedicated trackers at the Institute are following the actions and locations of SUSPECTED BIGFOOTS roaming the USA and the world. These dedicated volunteers are keeping known Sasaquatch suspects on their radar screens. We're not saying there is a SECRET SASQUATCH CONSPIRACY, but if saying helps sell our latest books and brings donations then we'll say it!


STEVE JOBS, CEO of Apple Computer, suspected of possessing BigFoot Liver.

Photo Evidence:
Eyewitness Evidence:

STEVE BALLMER, CEO of Microsoft, suspected BigFoot and Googleplex Spy.

Photo Evidence :
Eyewitness Evidence:

Johnny Damon, New York Yankees, suspected BigFoot.

Photo Evidence:
Eyewitness Evidence:

Learn more about the YETI not SETI Institute. Make a donation. A rather large one please. Do not claim any deductions on your taxes. Please keep it off the books, cash preferred.

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